Global Liquidity Premium Spreads

The comparison table below displays the live spreads for several of the top brokers offering cryptocurrency trading. The spreads are updated every 10 seconds, and our spreads you see┬áinclude the total fees we charge our clients. If a pair seems stagnant, it means that the broker’s current liquidity provider does not have very liquid order books.

As you can see, Global Liquidity offers the tightest spreads because of our unique aggregation process. We get the best bid price from one exchange and match it with the best ask price of another exchange. Our bridge handling the proprietary aggregation process also ensures for extremely low latency and minimal risk. If one exchange is to have technical problems, latency issues or their order books are not liquid enough, our bridge will automatically ensure the best spread and execution speed for you and your clients.

*The Global Liquidity spreads are applicable during normal trading conditions, they can increase under certain unusual market conditions.

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